Its been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I have posted so I do not know what I have said about our farm plans.  So if some of this is duplicate, sorry.

The farmer decided that we weren’t going to grow crops anymore.  We would turn most of the fields back to grass so we could run a small herd.  We will be fencing pastures so we can rotate the grazing.  Our largest field will go back to being a hay field as well as the 5 smaller ones we have kept in hay.  Our intent is to grow a small herd, up to 20 head with a bull over the next few years.  When the farmer retires from his off property job in about 6 years, all will be in place.  We would be more sustainable as a homestead, still be busy (counting head, putting out hay and moving the herd from one place to the next), supply our beef intake and have spring/fall babies.

Starting our herd were 5 dairy calves we bought and bottle fed.  The farm hand named them Angus, Bessie, CeeCee, Darwin and Earl.  Darwin and Earl went to the auction a couple of months back which bought our M1 (Mama 1) and her offspring Fancy.  M1 is pregnant and due in the fall.


Through his great networking with his fertilizer/spray customers, the farmer acquired two bull calves, needing to be bottle fed of course.  Leroy and Jethro are now out with the herd and holding their own; not sure which one will be the herd sire yet.

From the same cow guy the bulls came from, he is giving us a heifer that has possibly a shoulder injury, maybe out of socket.  She limps and needs a small space so a pen has been set up for her.  We also bought a young mom (pregnant also) that has a hoof condition.  The farmer contacted his college sources who are very interested to see this cow and may be help out with getting the hoof fixed – that would be a great win-win.

So the herd has increased.  Two babies this fall.  Four eligible moms.  More babies next year!



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