Still alive and kicking

I have let my blog/journal slip….again.  However, I am doing a seminar with a very successful blogger tonight in hopes to get me motivated again.  So we will we see what I learn tonight.

When you have live animals around, they do age as we do, and then they pass.  Which is what happened with my goat nanny, Bert the llama.  We got Bert through a friend of a friend and Bert was the cause of collecting more llamas as the farmer was told llamas shouldn’t be alone.  (Since then I have learned the goats would have been Bert’s friend and I wouldn’t have had to collect, and lose, other llamas.) Anywho, Bert would watch over the little spring goat babies each year.  But not knowing his age when I got him, I am guessing time caught up with him and he went to sleep.  This method is the way I would like all my animals to go to their next life, just go to sleep and not wake up.

But the above method doesn’t happen when you have an animal with a deformity that won’t allow a quality life.  And this is when the farmer has to take of the matter humanly.  We had to put down a calf given to us that had been stepped on by mom after delivery in a trailer.  He had a broken tibia that could only be fixed by an expensive surgery involving pens and plates.  Mom also stepped on his hind end that semi paralyzed his hips.  So he could stand and walked.  We tried to sling him but when he was vet checked and we were told the injuries, there really was only one humane decision.  It’s been done and he has a resting area in the pasture.

To chase away the doom and gloom of the above, we are bottle feeding two bull calves – one is now 6 weeks old (his mom didn’t want him) and one that is two weeks old (he is a twin, the smaller of the two, and mom only took care of the older twin).  Leroy and Jethro are progressing very well….haven’t decided if we will keep both for our herd or not….lots of time to decide.

Darwin and Earl went off to market last week, but we added Big Momma (who is pregnant) and her fall baby (pictures sent out through Instagram) Fancy joined Angus, Bessie and CeCe.  So our little herd is progressing to our goal of 20 heads in 5 years.


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