thing  Well, 2016 is right around the corner and we still have one CA animal.  Its been tough and we think we have our strategy.

Seizures started in September and she went on medication.  The plan was to wean her off which we did.  Her behavior return to almost normal….kept her in the house when the weather wasn’t great; when she scratched at the door, it really meant to let her out NOW and not a minute or so later or…yes – accidents.

Day before Christmas she started having seizures again….several hours apart, every two hours during the night and then every several hours apart during Christmas day.    She actually broke the lead outside and was MIA for two hours – Jerry found her across the road, down the embankment of the mine shaft!  Very cold and probably had a seizure down there as well.  Still no eating, no drinking and difficulty using her back legs.

I was able to connect with a vet on Saturday and get her seizure medicene so we can get her regulated.  Last night went pretty good; she did eat some but did not take any water.  She didn’t pace a much and we were able to get her relaxed enough to sleep with us for two hours.

This morning she did drink water and ate.  So we will medicate later this afternoon so I can get the timing closer to dinner time.

Not a fun thing to remember this Christmas about – glad Christine and the boys had been delayed 24 hrs. or they would have been in the middle of all this drama!


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