Where did they go?

My morning routine in recent months is to start the coffee pot, put on my glasses and a jacket and head out to feed the calves.  Last Thursday morning was no different except I don’t see them as I walk to their feed trough.  I see though that a panel or two had blown from the wind and their brushing up against it.

I rush the dogs back in the house, hollar at the farmer and take off to look for them.  I headed out towards the back of the property where the alfalfa is growing after helping the farmer get the fencing fixed.  The farmer headed the same way and spot them in the tree line.

From the time the calves were pastured, I have been able to call them to eat, and a couple of times in rounding them up.  So they know the lingo which the farmer used (head ’em up, move ’em out, come on little doggies).  We were able to get them back inside their area within 30 minutes of discovering they were out.  What a way to start the day!!


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