It’s Summertime

Well, I am getting into my summer mode – gardening, reading and knitting.  The garden is in full swing…still need to plant a few veggies which should be done by the Fourth of July weekend.  I do like my straw bales; I also have potatoes in a deep mulch patch.

I need to make my reading list and stop by the local library.  I still have a few Luann Rice books to read.

My knitting will be with cotton, replacing my dish and wash clothes. I may even be able to get a dish towel or two done in redwork.

Farm wise, the wheat crop will be harvested later than usual.  With all the wet days it has been too wet to drive the combine into the field without getting stuck.  Corn is coming along and soybeans will go in right after the wheat comes out.  Have 150 square bales from too small non hay fields…still have have hay to cut – again wet lands.  Calves are growing and in a small pasture behind the house.  Llamas have been sheared and seem to be cooler – the cut was real short so there is little protection from flies.  I have some a great product I can use on all animals for fly control as well as add it to all feed to help with parasites as well as the domestic animals.

Off to do evening feeding.


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