Miracle do happen

I have been told, have read it and have lived it,  When livestock go down, they don’t get back up.

My mama llama went down about 2 months ago.  The farmer was pessimistic about any recovery, the vet wasn’t very encouraging but I was determined to do anything and everything to bring her back.  I did with Gozy our senior horse that the grandgirls can ride/sit on.  So couldn’t it happen again.

It did…Coryn had been moving herself around the llama house on her back feet and her front elbows.  Noted in an earlier post, she did stand and walk a step or two.  Being that it was Saturday, I cleaned out the llama house, left the slider open so the ground could dry out and left to work in my potato patch after going into the house for a drink.

From the kitchen, I saw Coryn had moved herself outside, rolling around on the ground.  She was using her back feet and elbows to relocate but was outside in the sunshine.  Later while working in the potato patch, I saw her up on all fours!

20150502_153306 (1)

The rest of the afternoon she wandered around the pasture.  We corralled her back into the llama house so she could eat privately and be protected from the elements.  Game plan is to feed her in the morning, let her out for the day and back in the house for the night.

Miracles can, and do happen!


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