Quite a few weeks ago, my mama llama went down.  She was a standoffish llama where I couldn’t corral her with others to be able to eat separate from the goats.  So I know she was short changed on feed at times and more so when she became was nursing.  We were able to get her into the llama house when the rain came (so this has been going on since March).  We kept all others out, we gave her a shavings floor and had the vet come out.  Blood results were ok, parasites were evident but I had wormed her and she was very thin.  Prognosis wasn’t good but I dug in.  Fed her two to three times a day; gave the medication left by the vet, added alfalfa to her diet; then watched and waited.  Somehow she was moving herself around on her ‘elbows’ and ‘knees’.  Soon Coryn would get up on her back feet and move around still using her ‘elbows’.  Depending on where she was in the house would determine the speed she would get up.

Tonight while resetting her food and water dishes, I knew she needed to move as she was basically in same spot that she was in this morning.  I moved in to help the front end move, she got her back end up and I had to take a double take – she was standing on all fours! and moved a few steps!!  Then back to the crouch.

I am estatic and look forward to walking out there to see her standing waiting for me to let her out into the pasture!


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