Garden Update

Boy oh boy – if all my potato plants are successful, we are going to have potatoes and sweet potatoes coming out our ears!  I planted a bundle of sweet potatoes starts in a straw bed….my potato starts are taking off…I am very excited.  My straw bale plants are doing great  as well.  Need to get the canning stuff out!

I had thought about laying down wood planks as a weed deterent and path to walk among the bales.  But I have abandoned that idea and hope the weed spray the farm hand sprayed will do the trick.  What would make me stop?  Picking up a board with a snake under it!  Third time is the charm they say!  Saturday my wood moving found two black snakes that the farm hand moved to other areas of the homestead – there have been less mice activity with them around.  The third time was the other evening when I uncovered a garden snake.  That did it = I can walk on weeds or pull them if needed = I don’t need a pretty walkway that bad!


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