Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day for me is two events – being able to sewing with minimal food prep for the family and flowers.

I keep it easy – like cinnamon rolls or monkey bread for breakfast and a crock pot type dinner.  That way everyone is fed and its simple enough that minimal time is taken away from sewing.

When I lived in San Diego, my mom and I would attend a special flower show that was held either the weekend before of the weekend of Mother’s Day. She and I both became hooked on this plant and each had quite a collection. Epitheliums usually bloom around Mother’s Day in many colors and different sizes. They are spectacular to see.  Mom’s survived her move to Clovis but mine only made it one year. So Mom shares her first bloom with me by sending a picture. This may be the year I start another collection.

So for this year’s Mother’s Day,  I went to the annual Master Gardner’s flower sale on Saturday and Sunday I will be sewing the binding on two quilts.


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  1. Susan said,

    May 11, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    In looking for websites that would sell starts, I find I spelled the plant wrong which is why I kept getting websites about skin cells!
    Its Epiphyllum which bloom @ night. The hybrids bloom in the daytime.

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