Garden News

So I just finished watching a youtube video about Ruth Stout and her gardening philosophy.  I was intrigued with her potato planting.  I still had enough daylight to start my potato patch that the farm boy helped set up. I have three types planted, and that’s a laugh.  I just moved the we hay around, toss in my potato starts and covered them up – to keep them from baking.  I still have 3 of each type to plant in my bales as well as sweet potatoes.  I took the plunge on another garden concept and hope its as successful as the bale garden.

I bought some veggie plants from the local high school Ag greenhouse, and may have to get some more.  Our temperatures are suppose to dip later this week so I am hesitate to plant.  I don’t have the plastic to make a greenhouse so I make just keep watering the plants until next week.  

I am told the local MFA store has strawberry plants so I may visit later this week – I need to buy some seed so it may be a worthwhile visit.

Can’t wait to see little green sprouts out of the bales.

Side note: speaking of green sprouts – corn planted 4/17 isalready poking through the ground – you can look down the field and see rows of green.

Spring is here?


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