Weekend news!

Dogwood trees are starting to bloom and other trees are showing hints of green – Spring could really be here!.  Last predicted frost is 4/19 but I could have sworn it was today – when checking on a prospective momma, I walked through crusty grass to the goat pasture and noted the temp @ 7am was 28 degrees.  

Garden bale condition commences this weekend.  The farmhand has been working on the greenhouse aspect of the garden this week – 2x4x? between the t-posts to keep them in place with the trellis wire is attached.  Day one of the conditioning plan starts tomorrow.  Still need to layout the planting on paper but have 10 days to get that worked up before plants/seeds can be started.  

Found a local nursery with 6 Pin Oak trees left so will be digging the holes for them this week.  Pin Oaks grow fast and are great shade trees.  We had started some a couple of years ago in the tree farm but Peter Rabbit and family liked the tree starters as well.  The bought trees are about 6 ft tall so Peter will have to shop some place else!  These trees will be planted along the roadside of the corral.  


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