What to do, what to do?

The time changed but the weather is still crappy….overcast, foggy and cold.  So my March outside projects are on hold:  set up of the garden and set up of the nanny pens.

I have 6 goat mamas to be that are going to have babies at the end of March into April.  As a way to be more successful this year, I plan on having pens for each one to have and raise their kids for a couple of weeks.  But I need the weather to cooperate so panels can be moved with the tractor without making tracks.  Square bale hay needs to be moved and would be easier if the roads were dirt instead of mud.  So I am hoping next week will be sunny or at least warmer so the heavy work can be done next weekend.  

The garden is going to grow from 5 straw bales of last year to 20 bales this year.  The spot I want to set up at has a flat bed with a flat tire that needs to be fixed (to move the bales) and moved (to use the parking spot).  I started last year’s garden late (May) and want to start this year earlier, so I will just plan the plant layout to be more ready when the bales are ready.  I have high hopes for this year as I learned from last year, and I have ‘the book’ to fall back on.

My inside projects are my half square triangle guild block of the month – I am behind 5 months.  And I have a guild challenge due in April which is in thought only.  As I am limited today to what I can do based on weather and healing, I will be sewing!  Let the sewing machine start humming!


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