Juggling or Directing?

When there were small kids at home, there were many times I felt like a cruise director – managing everyone’s schedule by planning events and knowing where everyone should or should not be.  When grown and able to manage their own time frames, my time became my own which turned into a juggling act especially since being on the farm.

Some events are seasonal such as the garden, goat babies, shearing llamas and worming everyone.  But then the every day tasks of when feeding (weather and sunlight dependent) and who gets grain fed just adds to the juggling of personal time (knit, read, sew/quilt) and house time (dishes, vaccuum, laundry) not to mention men time (meals).  So it crossed my mind the other day when I added one more project to my personal time that may be I have enough to last awhile and that I should concentrate on finishing  something!

Projects in different states of progress:

  1. reknitting a hat (and will remake the first one)
  2. finish a knitted baby blanket started last spring
  3. get the right yarn for my shrug so I can continue to finish it
  4. finish two granddaughter quilts as well as the farmer’s flannel quilt
  5. catch up on the guild’s monthly half square triangle blocks
  6. continue and finish reading my latest book
  7. added a crocheted spiral vest

I heard February is going to be treacherous weatherwise so I may be just juggling a couple of personal projects at the end of the month – will let you know!


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