Can’t figure it out

Weather was a little warmer during the day, but the nights still had temps dropping to the 30s.  We have our heater set to 67-68 during the night – we all seem to sleep better- and during the day the house stays @ 70ish.  Sometimes the thermostat is turned up if the wind is blowing; otherwise, inside it is 70 with a sweatshirt.

Because we harvest soybeans in late November, we aren’t able to fill out propane tank until the check comes from the grainery.  This year it seems we hit the jackpot in timing….we paid $1.74 a gal for propane in November.  The end of January saw the price skyrocketing to $4-4.50 a gallon!  and there is a 200 gallon limit!  Why you ask? I have heard two theories: 1) we exported too much overseas and 2) farmers used more to dry crops than years before.  I tend to lean towards the first one as it is the one I have heard on recent news reports. I know our heating needs are covered – we haven’t run out of propane in past winters – but there are families that aren’t, and I worry about it.

Just can’t figure out why a majority of our population is always shortchanged when the government makes deals overseas…..


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