Is it still January?

Soozi is still with us….sleeping more, still wants to get on the couch – sometimes needs help. She hasn’t given me to look that says “enough is enough” so we will take it day by day.

Weekend weather has been pleasant and makes one think spring is very close. But we know the weather is changing this week, and its been rumored February is going to be brutal. With propane expected to be $5/gal, my thoughts are with those who don’t have a crop that fills the tank once a year. Windows are bubble wrapped and door stoppers are in place. Quilts are doubled up on beds and livestock getting extra feed to keep the fat layer on. Bring it on Mother Nature!

A knitted hat was finished as well as a scarf for the state of Washington’s Special Olympics team.

The laugh of the week is despite stating on his jury questionaire that everyone in jail and/or on trial is guilty, the farmer was called for jury duty this week! Will wait in suspense to see if he is picked! LOL


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