What a smart girl I have!

Living in small spaces tends to either make you creative or do nothing.  I haven’t been as creative as I could have regarding my sewing space….I did buy a portable cabinet for one machine instead of using TV trays and I did maintain small stacks of projects instead of spreading out into the living room.  But a tip i received in a quilt seminar has kept me doing nothing….I am not set up to sit down to sew for 15 minutes.  The time I find to sew gets used up just getting things ready and together, and then its time to put it all away.  I had a small room in the garage when living in San Diego where I could walk in and start creating, and then close the door to return into the house.  Current living quarters aren’t real conducive to allow that – the one extra room we have is the living quarters for the house cats (3 of them). During their Thanksgiving visit, Christine suggested making the travel trailer into my sewing area.  With the machine on its own table, the dining table would be the cutting table and the kitchen counter would be the pressing area.  So when the ‘sewing room’ building was cleaned out and reorganized to be a multi purpose storeroom for holiday decorations, seed and planter boxes, all my San Diego sewing room boxes were moved into the travel trailer – in an organized fashion…meaning I can walk/work around them as I either sew or organize my stuff. Today i felt the pull of a sewing project.  So I went to my new room, worked awhile and then had to write about it. Let’s see what I accomplish in 2014 in my new sewing digs!  That next generation – so smart!

(this was written on 1/1/14 but have had blog site issues.)


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