Oh what a week it was!

This year’s Thanksgiving was awesome  in MO.  All the kids and their kids were here – the CA family were here the whole week which was great for the cousins to reconnect.  The trucker son was able to be home for turkey day.  We had lots of food, fun and laughter.  I so enjoyed it.

We didn’t do much during the week – tours of the farm, Neosho, Granby and Monett.  The grandsons (Austin & Ethan) stayed with us on the farm while mom and dad (Christine and Dave) had a break staying in town.   Christine would come out for most of the day while Dave worked on his writing.   Wayne and family came for tacos on Friday so it was a bonus as he was suppose to have been on the road.

Saturday was my big day and I couldn’t make a decision of what to do.  But that decision was waylaid when my mom and younger sister walked into my house!  OMGosh was I shocked! The tear faucet turned on.  The big kids were in on the surprise but the farmer wasn’t so he was as surprised when I called him at work as I was!  Man oh Man…what a secret to be kept!

Dinner Saturday was great with the whole family again (minus Mr. Pinson) with lots of teasing and laughing.  My gifts were wonderful with a couple of surprises from my sister Kathleen and the Pinson family; the card from the farmer touched me.  Thank you to all for making this a great holiday week/birthday!


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