Oh it’s so good to be right on

Since Gozy has been on the “See Food”diet….eat everything in sight we have been weight her every 7-10 days.  She has been gaining and looking healthy – even has her winter coat started.  But the accuracy of her weight was bothersome.  See we only had the truck scale across the street to weigh with.  The scale is set in 20 pound increments so we were excited when the scale would go up but weren’t sure the exact weight.  

Since the farmer has been working retail at his new job, there seems to be soooo many things we could use!!  One is a scale that is set at one pound increments.  Gozy’s last weigh in was 940 on the truck scale – today she weighted 986 on our new scale!!  She also is eating the mixed chopped hay again with her pellets that boosted her weight  when we first started the program!

Our weight goal is  almost met, but we will continue the feeding program- she can never eat too much.


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