Fifteen minutes

I took a quilting class from a lady who shared how to make quilts from ‘noodles’.  Now days the strips, depending on their width, are called jelly rolls, honey buns, etc.  But that’s another post.

What she said in this class has stuck with me through the years and has kept my focus on my projects without becoming overwhelmed (haha)!  She told the class if you have everything cut out (set up, cast on, etc) you can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes.  So I have my knitting next to my spot on the couch, my library book is in the library for when I visit, my mini laptop is running 24/7 to ready blogs, the news, check the weather and Facebook.  The only set up I don’t have fixed is my sewing machine.  However it is close and takes 15 minutes to set up, pull out the latest project and sew for 15 minutes.

I have also found that it takes 15 minutes (give or take 5 more) to feed the livestock and 15 minutes to check my poultry (guineas and chickens) for food and water.  So not only can I have 15 minutes of fun with my hobbies, I can be a 15 minute farmer!


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