Giving Back

It’s wonderful to figure out how to use something up without wasting it.  I have had a collection of yarn from my mother-in-law that I have been whittling down since we moved to MO.  It seems to be the same size stash every time I look at into the bin.

However when sufring websites for this and that, I ran across Debbie Macomber’s Warm Up America.  I have made squares for the afghans, but the site also noted the 2012 scarf project for the Special Olympics.  I did make one or two for that particuilar year but none last year.  I found their own website and found that its not a national project for 2014 however there are some states that want scarfs.  MO is not one of that group but the state of WA (my birth state) needs 1,000.  I don’t have their colors in my stash but that doesn’t stop a a knitter from making something!  Shopping trip to Joplin!

The scarves that will use up my stash will be sent to Operation Gratitude where care packages are sent to U.S. military.  I have a quick cable pattern I like from a Maggie Sefton book I recently read (cute series with knit patterns and recipes from the story).

Each project has a deadline so I need to get to those needles clicking!


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