Sunday morning wakeup

We have an old horse that we continually strive to keep weight on her.  She is a very good horse and the oldest granddaughter can ride her.  I planned to take her into the vet to get her teeth floated – i didn’t know equine teeth continue to grow!  So when they are floated it’s a technique that levels the tooth surface so food is chewed and not spewed on the ground.

So Gozy’s teeth were floated and her diet adjusted.  Because it was extensive with the dental work she wasn’t too perky the last two days.  I was up at 6:30 am today and went out to see how she looked.  Low and behold, Eddie the donkey was across the street eating grass along the truck scale, Gunner and Jeanne were out of the corral and Jack the stallion was in the corral with Gozy and Penny!!!  Gates had been opened (Eddie) or not closed correctly (me?)  I hustled back to the house, woke up the farmer and the farmhand so that we could get everyone back were they belonged and fix what needed to be fixed.

Not our usual Sunday morning!


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