They don’t live forever

It’s really hard to see your pets slow down, and get slower as they age.  When its sudden like Creek’s passing, it hits hard for awhile, and then the sadness eases up – until a quirky moment brings back a fun memory.

But when you watch age take its toll I believe its harder to handle – Soozie is being watched.  She is 14 1/2 and the heat almost did her in this past week.  She has acquired the same drunk walk as her mom, Princess.  It’s a little hard to go down 4 steps – so she jumps down the last two.  It’s a hard pull up the steps but once on the porch she’s ok.  It’s harder to get on the couch to sleep, but that’s where a boost helps.  She still eats and drinks as usually, still gives a growl to put the younger ones in their place.

I have said I would not miss when she’s gone but I will – and it’s hard to watch.


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