A shearing will be soon

The last couple of years when we have sheared our llamas for preventive heat measures, it had been a struggle keeping them in one place.  The farmer and I had talked about a chute type system, and had seen one up close in Harrisonville several years back.  But had not committed to building one – it was semi low on the to do list.  

This year I was determined to have one and found a plan off the Internet I liked so much I thought even I could build it myself.  We had the lumber and I knew where and how to use a nail gun and saw.  So Saturday would be the start day.

As it turned out, the farmer’s son was intrigued enough to help me.  We did pretty good until the farmer came by and said the idea of the front would not work for our llamas who were not trained to walk into a chute and stop – and not freak out.  So the front part was reinvented to have a slider in the front and as well as across back. This way we can train them into the chute by walking through it several times, getting them comfortable.  

As the rain started coming down heavier, we stopped.  We also had the monthly fireman’s breakfast to go to for dinner.  All that is left to do is the slide holders and a floor.  I am guessing it will be done the first part of the week.  

For now, we will move it out to a shady area near the pastures (picture to be posted when that happens).  In time it will be in the barn.

Here are a couple of ‘in progress’ pictures.



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