June’s first this ‘n that

I think the water faucet is off for awhile…hopefully long enough to pull out of the field the 145 round bales we got Memorial Day/week!  The farmer is very excited as the hay is volunteer wheat and oats; we haven’t even cut the hay fields!  We should have enough to cover all our livestock needs for quite awhile.

The farmer is off on a welding trip to IN where vacated store buildings are renovated into and by Big Lots!  It will be work but a break from the looooong days on a tractor.

Still on baby watch – waiting for a baby donkey, llama, a late goat or two, and still possibly a horse.

Getting the washer fixed from the lightning strike is the last on the list – and I suggested it.  For a week or so it wasn’t a big deal not to be able to run a quick load, but it is getting a little old.  Hopefully we can get it to the repairman when the farmer comes back….it’s a pain as we have to move the washer through narrow passage ways in the house and down some stairs….I think that is the hold up!

Back on my reading kick and visited the local library yesterday.  I am a creature of comfort and have re read a series or two but need to branch out.  I have found a new author I like – Luann Rice – and know she has written several books that will keep my summer reading interesting.


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