Weekly This ‘n That

I haven’t had a weekly for awhile…not too much going on but this week there are a few things to write about.

1)  Still on maternity watch – and it looks like LaVerne the goat is a late mama this year.  Abigail the donkey is ready to pop any day – I don’t think her belly can get any tigher looking!  I think Katie the llama is just waiting for a mildly warm day to deliver instead of rain or heat/humidity – can’t say I blame her.  The farmer is now of the opinion that Penny the horse is pregnant so she is back on the watch list.

2)  Because we have protected ourselves with crop insurance for the second year, we have plant deadlines.  Due to so much rain March and April, we have not been able to plant, and our county deadline has passed.  We had decided to plant milo instead which can be planted in June/July like soybeans.  We have found out that USDA which funds the crop insurance program has activated prevented planting program.  This means we can put in a claim for corn due to weather and received a small check against what we could have harvested.  We feel very blessed to have become ‘educated’ on crop insurance.

3) It’s severe storm season in Missouri.  We have started (again) to set up our storm shelter area.  We have crates for the dogs, areas for the trucks to park in and just need some seating area.  On the list is to seal off the south end of the room.  The farmer’s favorite saying is “all it takes is money and time!”

4)  So far I haven’t lost any veggie plants in the straw bale or tree garden.  I set up the soaker hoses this weekend – I have been watering with the hose and fertilizer water.  I would like this to be a successful venture so I am giving it my best efforts.

5)  Memorial Day weekend is around the corner and I am going to learn about gradient dying with my guild group.  Our fearless leader is a dye fan – we did ice cube dying at our spring retreat.  My fabric is going to be grandkid pillow cases!  My fabric from the gradient dye class is going towards a circular bargello our group will do sometime this year.  I like these two dye methods because it reminds me of batiks – and I am a huge batik fan!

Next post I will add pictures the ‘mamas’ and the bale garden.


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