Moving things around

We are working two pastures for the goats and llamas.  Since we sold off our older billy, Cecil will be our main guy.  He hasn’t been with any of the ladies in the west pasture, and all of last years’ girls have Ollie as the sire.  Cecil will be in 7th heaven this year!  All girls are together with 3 llamas, and the other pasture has 2 llamas, Cecil and Jack the male horse.

Our other move this spring is deciding that we won’t be able to have two fields of corn – hopefully we can still plant one field.  The other field that was to be corn has oats growing in it to become baled hay.  If there hadn’t been as much moisture and snow this spring, we would have had the oats out and corn in.  So now we will be planting milo which is a crop that planting time is same as late soybeans (June/July).  The only wrinkle we ran into was we didn’t list milo as a crop on our insurance papers so we aren’t able to add the milo crop to our policy.  However the farmer found a solution and we are moving forward.  Oh, did I say the seed company is providing the milo seed free so they can have a test plot in this area of the county?  Yes sir, the farmer pull off a great deal!


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