Susan’s List

There hasn’t been too much needing fixing that the farmer and/or his friends can’t handle.  Until three weeks ago when lightning struck – electrical things needed fixing and the farmer does not like working with electricity.

So a local heater / AC guy was called in to fix the heater.  In a weeks time, wires were cut, no working circuit board, and a ‘I will be back tomorrow’ happened.  The Heat and Air Company of Fairview is a NO on my list.  Mike Rhoades of Neosho (a YES) is our savior in the heater & AC department – we made it through the cold spell with oil heaters…but didn’t know what to do during the upcoming one – Mike got enough connections hooked back up for the AC to work – it’s not any fun to be around the farmer when its hot!

Gene Fountain is on the YES side.  In three hours he had our online generator back in service – the lightning strike burnt the voltage generator.

The top YES so far is Jeff Goodall of TAZ Electric.  We now are grounded – a pole was installed stopping the the ground from being energized.

Not sure what criteria Angie uses for her list but for my list is good pricing, communication and friendliness – as we also have a long story to share!


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