Weekly This ‘n That

It started out not so good as the heater wasn’t fixed and we hadn’t seen the ‘repair’ guy since Saturday – a week ago.  Through some contacts parts wer order for the farmer to be ‘walked through’ hooking up the circuit board.  Then we found out for any future insurance coverage, we needed a ‘real’ repair guy.  So I found one who would come out sometime Friday.  That being said, the heater should be fixed by the middle of next week.

Made a call to have the generator looked at – repair guy came Saturday and the voltage regulator was replaced – the lightning even took out the light bulb on the part!  All is well for the upcoming storm.

All that is left for repair (that we know of) is the washing machine.  Since both the heater-A/C and generator are high priced in repairs, the washing machine may wait a bit – still need some parts for the planter to be able to get the corn in – there’s a plant deadline to meet if we want crop insurance – and yes sirree we sure do!

Best part of the weekend was getting my mind wrapped around a garden.  I had tried one when we first moved out here, but it was so big, and the Johnson grass took over.  I tried again in a smaller plot, and all seemed to work well.  I had heard of straw bale gardening, looked into it, but didn’t have enough bales that year to try it.  This year a guild member made a keyhole garden.  As we are waiting for a storm to come through I thought I would put it to good use had have the rain start soaking my bales for the first 3 days.  I am going to go organic with my fertilizer since I have a constant supply of llama stuff which makes great liquid fertilizer in 24 hours!

I have been told by a lady with experience that gardens in this neck of the woods  shouldn’t be planted until the first part of May which seems I will fall into that time frame based on what I need to do with the straw bales before planting.  Local lore says potatoes should be planted in mid March – missed that due date!.  But I am going to watch a video on using/making a potato box and I may be able to have potatoes this year!

If all goes well with straw bale gardening, it’s onto a strawberry patch!


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