Rodeo at Butler’s Farm

Last weekend was a time of rounding up livestock who thought they should be outside their boundaries or off their tether.

While out feeding the goats on Friday I saw Fernando the llama who is tethered was at the south end of the pasture.  I thought that was a good idea until he continued past where we had a gate at one time.  I then realized he pulled enough on his tether that he freed himself.       Finally caught up with him, talked into him into getting hooked up again.   Glad it was nice weather though walking in the back field I could tell how saturated the ground.

Saturday morning Lee and I had to round-up Jack the stallion.  Not the best wake call is to have the farmer stop by (at 6:30 am) on his way to work to let you know livestock is out!

I had left Gozy, the old lady horse out all night tethered where we feed her.  I guess she was tired of it so she broke the rope (it was old and weathered) and pranced by Jack.  He got all giddy and jumped the pasture fence and went after her.  They were both kind of easy to catch – she was after the feed, and he was after her.  Everybody got penned up and the day went on to be a nice Saturday.

We had some pretty strong winds on Sunday which pulled down a makeshift fence we had up that divided the east pasture so we could reseed it for the goats.  With the fence down, the young girl goats and Cecil our billy were able to mosing on ground that hadn’t seen their mouths for a while (some grass was popping up).  So Lee and I (the farmer is pulling a seed tender for the farmer he works for) realigned the fence, stabilized it, re aligned the livestock and hoped for the best.

Rodeo days continued in to Monday when Fernando (again) got off his tether.  This time he played around a bit and was able to agitate a male in our west pasture who felt he needed to protect his girls.  As I was running to the house to get help, I looked over my shoulder to see how far Fernando was going along the south end of the pasture, when I saw a cloud of dust and Stormy on his side.  As Fernando was being a putz, I kept going for Lee.  Ultimately, Lee caught Fernando and re connected him (so need those male pens this spring/summer).  I noticed Stormy was kind of looked out of place and realized he had jumped between the pastures and was on the wrong side!  Great now what are we to do?  We had to catch him (fun with not halter), and walk his thru alien territory (stallion, 2 male llamas that he has traded spit over the fence with, and young nosy girl goats).

All ended well as Lee lassoed Stormy, one male llama was penned in the feed corner, I shooed goats, stallion and the other male as Lee walked Stormy thru the east neighborhood.  Boy were his pasture mates glad to see him back!

Those were some rodeo days!


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