Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, 

Boy, are you making April an interesting month!!  That burst of lightning hitting our tree sure caused a lot of agony!!  Startled us out of bed this morning with a crack of lightning never heard before – we have never seen Lee move so fast!!  Then the smoke smell, no electricity, generator running and still no electricity, no landline which means no DSL which means no internet, and no TV/cable!!  Oh not what are we to do!!

Dish tech brought us a new box; Windstream connected back the telephone and DSL – oh happy days.  See Mother Nature, we can work through what you throw at us!

Except rain all day! Seriously, though thank you Mother Nature for filling up the water tables.  We really don’t want to sink the pump farther down – 200 feet is quite a ways down.

However, you saved the best to last – no heat!  The heater’s circuit board was fried from the lightning strike – that was the smoke smell this morning – and on a night when the temps are going to dip towards the freezing point – in April?

No worries – we don’t mind bringing the winter gear back to stay warm, we don’t mind reprogramming our TV shows for taping, we don’t mind have the heater/AC updated – its all good.

Thank you Mother Nature!  



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