1March ends….April begins – Come on Spring!

What a beautiful day to end March!  Especially since we are being warned of another cold front/snow first of April!  I am glad I am still in the planning/thinking stages of a garden.  I do so want fresh green beans, tomatoes off the vine, a pumpkin or two for Halloween, and of course zucchini!!  Not enough time to set up a keyhole garden (am very intrigued with the concept and size), but may be able to do a straw bale garden.  If not, I will use the spot of my 2007 garden.

We will be on baby watch in April – llama and horse babies expected.  Llamas have their babies in the middle of the day- so not much of a watch except to make sure mom and baby connect.  Horse babies can come any time of the day.  I most worry about weather and keeping them warm as temps can still be cool, and rain is always in April.

April will be planing month….long days ahead.  I need to find some good, quick dinners for those late nights, and have them ready when I know the farmer is on his way home.

Three months of 2013 are gone and were interesting – on to April!


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  1. Kathleen Hagen said,

    June 6, 2013 at 2:14 am

    I see, so Karen’s the favorite sister. No mention of MY birthday!!

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