March’s first This ‘n That

I am hoping the saying ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”  works that way on the farm.  We have had one too many animal issues that I am hoping will get resolved soon.  Sterling our new male goat, has gone anorexic on me and i have isolated him so he can eat all the time and not have fight off Thelma & Louise who are two very large nannies. My red headed girl who has been a good mom to several babies is not doing well at all.  It would be miraculous if she survives.

The elder of the females doggies is slowing down alot these days.  She is 14 yrs old, and just as grouchy as ever.  She has had to deal with the Dane a couple of times and was on the losing end.  As al;ways, the farmer resolved all and hopefully attitudes will adjust going forward.

March has a lot of birthdays – I hope I can remember them all. There is a special one this year and I hope its all Savannah thought turning 16 would be.

There are farmers planting corn this month.  We have not planted in March for the past couple of years, waiting for the last frost/cold spell to pass, and then plant in April.


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