Small town living

The farmer has gained a reputation locally as a “go to guy.  Today, we had a call about some horses out in Stark City.  So he saddled up the truck and went to see what he could do.  Not too much so home he came.  Then one of the local seniors came by and said she would help corral them up if the farmer would help her out.  Seems the owner was MIA for awhile and the caretakers weren’t doing their job – no hay, no grain and limited water supply.  Plus there were two dogs in an outside pen.  So the horses were caught, walked down the road, penned up.  The local senior had a round bale to donate for feed until something else could be figured out – rumor had it the owner was in jail & who knows for how long, etc.  Got a tractor ready to move a round bale and took it to the horse pen.  As we pulled in, there was a horse trailer in the yard, dogs and pen were in the trailer and several people milling around.  Turns out the owner got out of jail, came to get the horses and dogs, and was highly embarrassed to have gained so much attention and disappointed that the caregivers lined up to feed while he was gone, failed to do so.

Lots of thank yous and we came home.  Our roots are slowly going into the neighborhood and our reputation is growing – well, the farmer’s reputation as he is ‘around town’ more than I.  

the farmer’s wife, who has a compassionate farmer for a life partner!!


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