Weekly This n’ That

I started this post early today but the power on the mini laptop died as well as what I had started.  So I had to wait for the brain to recharge and now I am ready to go.

I didn’t have much from this week except the snow we got on Friday which caused me to let several dogs out at the same time.  Two were unleashed, and the leashed one broke free so I had three runaways!  Fortunately they all came back one at a time….when the last one found her way home, she came charging through and found the old lady, Soozie at her food bowl.  This did not go over well, and shortly I was on the way to the Saturday doggie vet (not all are opened on Saturday so I have a couple of vets in my contact list).  Soozie has 7 stitches above the shoulder.  Because she is so bi*chy, the vet decided to gas her instead of using a  local anesthesia.  It was amazing to see her drop off to sleep – I tested her foot which was a noodle!  I told the vet I wanted one of those machines for home to keep calm in the house!

Tonight while watching the new Amazing Race, our newest addition a chocolate dappled male Dachshund who is now 6 months old decided to show us he could be as fast as the cars on Nascar (watched earlier today).  His track was the length of the house, around the kitchen island and around Jerry’s chair.  Ever once in a while he would slow down to tease Soozie and then off he went.  The kitchen has linoleum flooring so the little feet were clicking away as he went around the island! His race time was about 5 minutes; then it was nap time – again!  Wish I had the video going to add to this post!

Last but not least was a food find on the Pioneer Woman website.  After watching a Saturday show where she talked about 16 minute meals, I found several that would work at my house.  I have made all but one so far, and have gotten a ‘thumbs up’ on them.  So I have added them to my arsenal of dinners – even I get tired of spaghetti and tacos!

Oh by the way – the farmer has been working on a fertilizer spreader truck with his friend Fire Chief Wayne.  Corn planting starts in a couple of weeks – and then its back to Kip time.

Thanks for reading!  the farmer’s wife


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