Weekly This ‘n That

When my mom writes me an email, she usually covers several subjects as well as questions on the being of all who live on the farm – both humans and animals; and she titles it ‘this ‘n that’.  So I am going to do a This ‘n That post at the end of the week to cover anything happening during the week that didn’t get a specific post.

For the first This ‘n That

While feeding the chickens and guineas today, one chicken was not present on the porch.  When I looked in at the nest boxes, there she was – she was sitting on 10 eggs!  Since I haven’t specifically check in the boxes for a couple of weeks (i would feed and give free flowing water and move on)  I am going to let her sit on them to see if she can hatch any chicks.

Thursday was going to be a day that would warm up to 45 degrees.  We decided the dogs could go outside mid day when the farmer stop by the house.  About noonish, the farmer called to ask what the weather was like as he was north of home and it was snowing!  Well, within 3o minutes our entire county was covered with snow!!  That’s my car Saturn third from the end facing you!


Here are the girls – DeLayni had been home for a few days.


Our January baby goat Sophie is doing great.  Parker is a good first time mom.  She has some help from one of our newer nannies, Lucy who Sophie hangs out with alot.


Can’t believe January is gone, February is here and and the birthday cycle starts – granddaughter, son-in-law, brother-in-law and grandson!

Having fun writing this; hope you are enjoying it – the farmer’s wife


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  1. Ruth Ashcraft said,

    February 13, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    Hey Susan, it’s Ruth from California. Man how do you do it???? Work and run a farm and post a bog? My hero…lol. Just think this is a great idea and I have signed up to follow your blog. Andy & I have a motor home now and want to do some traveling. Who knows Missouri might need to be added to our destination. How long does it take to drive from here to there? We can only be gone 10 days at a time due to Andy’s treatment schedule. Keep in touch. We think of you guys often,

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