First alfalfa year

 This year the farmer decided to plant sunflowers for seed and alfalfa for the livestock.  We finshed the last alfalfa cut/bale/stack today.  125 square bales for this go-around.  Hoping next year’s four harvests will be just as successful.    

Sunday Picture Day

So was I right?

I asked the farmer to ask me how much Gozy weighed today, and when he did and i gave the answer, he told me I was mistaken, that she couldn’t gain that much in a week.  So we set up the scale, I brought her across the scale, and I was right – she had gained 75 lbs in a week!  Still not sure why she showed being anemic in a blood test a month ago, but when we recalculated how much she needed to eat a day and added beet pulp, she has gained every week.  

Yes, I did read the scale correctly!  I was right!

Picture Day Saturday

Soybean plants reaching for the sunshine.

A day of firsts

First alfalfa bale from the first cutting from the first year of planting.

Fourth of July 2014

Our usual first week of July has been to harvest our winter wheat, bale up straw and plant second field of soybeans. That is the plan this year with an additional baling 0f alfalfa, the firs cut. It can be intense and continuously busy but I have to say that its a short busy time….and the timing always revolves around Mother Nature!

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Weekend decision

Sunday update:   the decision was made by Mother Nature who blew through with a rainstorm that left at least 1/2″ of rain – can’t shear wet llama wool and pasture ground too soft for heavy equipment needed to set pipe for corner posts.    Next weekend?

Saturday:   hmmmmm……finish shearing llamas (6 left to do) or start their fencing their pasture?  Pictures later will show the decision.

Garden Update

Boy oh boy – if all my potato plants are successful, we are going to have potatoes and sweet potatoes coming out our ears!  I planted a bundle of sweet potatoes starts in a straw bed….my potato starts are taking off…I am very excited.  My straw bale plants are doing great  as well.  Need to get the canning stuff out!

I had thought about laying down wood planks as a weed deterent and path to walk among the bales.  But I have abandoned that idea and hope the weed spray the farm hand sprayed will do the trick.  What would make me stop?  Picking up a board with a snake under it!  Third time is the charm they say!  Saturday my wood moving found two black snakes that the farm hand moved to other areas of the homestead – there have been less mice activity with them around.  The third time was the other evening when I uncovered a garden snake.  That did it = I can walk on weeds or pull them if needed = I don’t need a pretty walkway that bad!

Saturday Picture Day

Image                                        Phase 2 of Livestock cool down…sprinkler for the llamas.



New Food Source = happy goats/llamas




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