Picture Day

My local quilt guild holds a spring and fall 2 day retreat.  Heather attended Saturday with me this spring.  We had a good time making tea towels and table runners with place mats. The blocks on the wall were part of a drawing we had later in the afternoon. I have two quilts with some binding started but not finished….time went by too fast! 


Hard at work during quilt retreat.

Weekend news!

Dogwood trees are starting to bloom and other trees are showing hints of green – Spring could really be here!.  Last predicted frost is 4/19 but I could have sworn it was today – when checking on a prospective momma, I walked through crusty grass to the goat pasture and noted the temp @ 7am was 28 degrees.  

Garden bale condition commences this weekend.  The farmhand has been working on the greenhouse aspect of the garden this week – 2x4x? between the t-posts to keep them in place with the trellis wire is attached.  Day one of the conditioning plan starts tomorrow.  Still need to layout the planting on paper but have 10 days to get that worked up before plants/seeds can be started.  

Found a local nursery with 6 Pin Oak trees left so will be digging the holes for them this week.  Pin Oaks grow fast and are great shade trees.  We had started some a couple of years ago in the tree farm but Peter Rabbit and family liked the tree starters as well.  The bought trees are about 6 ft tall so Peter will have to shop some place else!  These trees will be planted along the roadside of the corral.  

It’s Picture Day

It's Picture Day

garden with t-posts

It’s Picture Day



Minnie and her twins



Thelma and her twins



Even though March 21 is the official start of Spring, the weather here isn’t real spring like until today.  I have had my straw bale garden planned out on paper, and have been waiting to set up it.  Well today was the day the bales were set out.



There is more to do before next weekend when the conditioning starts (t=posts and the greenhouse set up).  The Farmer’s Almanac says our last frost is April 19 so the bales should be ready for plants a week after that.  I don’t have the room in the house to start plants during January/February so it’s plants and seeds this year.  I probably need to read up on canning so I am ready for harvest!


It’s Picture Day




Four of the five llama girls


nanny pen – babies are on the way!


Spring is around the corner – tulips poking through.

What to do, what to do?

The time changed but the weather is still crappy….overcast, foggy and cold.  So my March outside projects are on hold:  set up of the garden and set up of the nanny pens.

I have 6 goat mamas to be that are going to have babies at the end of March into April.  As a way to be more successful this year, I plan on having pens for each one to have and raise their kids for a couple of weeks.  But I need the weather to cooperate so panels can be moved with the tractor without making tracks.  Square bale hay needs to be moved and would be easier if the roads were dirt instead of mud.  So I am hoping next week will be sunny or at least warmer so the heavy work can be done next weekend.  

The garden is going to grow from 5 straw bales of last year to 20 bales this year.  The spot I want to set up at has a flat bed with a flat tire that needs to be fixed (to move the bales) and moved (to use the parking spot).  I started last year’s garden late (May) and want to start this year earlier, so I will just plan the plant layout to be more ready when the bales are ready.  I have high hopes for this year as I learned from last year, and I have ‘the book’ to fall back on.

My inside projects are my half square triangle guild block of the month – I am behind 5 months.  And I have a guild challenge due in April which is in thought only.  As I am limited today to what I can do based on weather and healing, I will be sewing!  Let the sewing machine start humming!

Around the farm

Something new…baby chicks doing well in the well house.Image

Something old….kitty cat that had been dropped off on our property 7-8 years ago; caught her sleeping on the back porch.


Striving to be better

I am not sure why it took so long, but I have decided that if I am putting myself into a project, then it needs to be done right.  This means I may be using a seam ripper, making a swatch or frogging my knitting/crocheting.  I didn’t make New Years’ resolutions but I did make some goals and two of them were to improve my quitling with better quarter seams, better rotary cutting and better pressing; and to be more accurate in my knitting/crochet projects with using swatches and better yarn tension.  So far I have frogged two hats and a headband, and have them in the remake mode.

I am much happier now with the end results of my crafts – I am not a perfectionist but do enjoy being closer to it.

Juggling or Directing?

When there were small kids at home, there were many times I felt like a cruise director – managing everyone’s schedule by planning events and knowing where everyone should or should not be.  When grown and able to manage their own time frames, my time became my own which turned into a juggling act especially since being on the farm.

Some events are seasonal such as the garden, goat babies, shearing llamas and worming everyone.  But then the every day tasks of when feeding (weather and sunlight dependent) and who gets grain fed just adds to the juggling of personal time (knit, read, sew/quilt) and house time (dishes, vaccuum, laundry) not to mention men time (meals).  So it crossed my mind the other day when I added one more project to my personal time that may be I have enough to last awhile and that I should concentrate on finishing  something!

Projects in different states of progress:

  1. reknitting a hat (and will remake the first one)
  2. finish a knitted baby blanket started last spring
  3. get the right yarn for my shrug so I can continue to finish it
  4. finish two granddaughter quilts as well as the farmer’s flannel quilt
  5. catch up on the guild’s monthly half square triangle blocks
  6. continue and finish reading my latest book
  7. added a crocheted spiral vest

I heard February is going to be treacherous weatherwise so I may be just juggling a couple of personal projects at the end of the month – will let you know!

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